“Rejoice, rejoice! You’re sanctified!
For God on earth was crucified!
He just breathed out his final breath,
Rejoice, rejoice, and fear not death!”

How can I rejoice at the suffering of God?
Such joy seems like Marquis de Sade’s.
Is this news joyous, yes it is!
He took my shame,
He took my pain,
Great for my life, but what for His?

Mine was the guilt, yet He is dead.
My punishment fell on His head.
Can I rejoice at his pain and woe?
Shall I sing while his life-blood flows?

No, not in pain, rejoice at love,
For that is what our hope’s made of.
Not only by blood were we forgiven,
Love bore our shame,
And willingly our pain,
So God’s death for grace was driven.

Thus I rejoice. I’m sanctified!
For love our Lord laid down and died.
And for that truth I’ll joyous be,
because my Lord rejoiced for me.


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