Psalm 1: God makes sense of a messed up world

“Wail for the world is wrong!”
With rapine, scorn, and disbelief.
Evil’s all too strong.
Is there help? Or some relief?

Behold that growing tree!
(That’s figurative, I hope you know,)
From evil he will flee,
And to the Law habitually goes.

His works do prosper well,
For God is pleased with him to bless,
And all God’s ways he tells,
To man. God’s name he will confess.

Supremely blessed with joy,
Is this holy, righteous man,
Be he girl or boy,
When he accepts God’s will and plan.

But not the wicked one,
Who like the chaff will blow and burn,
The scoffers, mockers fun
To spurn, our God himself will spurn.

In judgment he will whither,
Wile the righteous stand and praise.
They flee hither, thither,
While he will see God’s face of grace.

The righteous bear much fruit,
For God knows him and loves to cherish.
The evil – black as soot,
God shall seize and make to perish.


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