Psalm 5: Justice and Mercy

Two requests I have,
Lead me in your righteousness.
And let me walk your path.
The world is full of wickedness.
Judge me not from works,
My way is evil of myself.
Cleanse me of my quirks,
Keep me close unto thyself.

See those evil men?
The wicked lie, and lie in wait
To murder and to sin,
Their minds are full of hate.
Their throat’s an open grave,
Their hearts are full of dead-men’s bones.
They falter every knave
They pass, with clever, skillful tones.

Make them bear their guilt!
Let them fall to their own web!
The blood which they have spilt,
Will come upon their rebel head.
They have transgressed your law,
They have rebelled and spurned your word.
Their wickedness I saw,
So I have prayed, and you have heard.

But let those who repent,
And those who plead for grace rejoice.
Your anger then is spent,
They will sing with merry voice.
We exult and dance,
For our salvation will not yield,
You will bless righteousness
And cover us as with a shield.


Psalm 5: Prayer

I kneel and pray, but wonder why,
My words just bounce from off the sky.
Is my prayer heard,
And headed word for word.

My Lord, pray harken to my plea,
And listen when I pray to thee.
Understand my cry!
Harken, e’er I die!

Hear, because I pray to thee.
At sunrise you listen to me.
I sacrifice with cries,
And watch with waiting eyes.

To your house I’ll surely come,
And with your people make my home.
Before you I will kneel,
When your breath I feel.

For thou, O Lord, hate wicked deeds,
And in thee ‘s not a wicked seed.
For evil does not dwell in thee,
O Lord, I pray, purge it from me!

The arrogant can’t bear you eye,
The evil men before thee fly.
The liar hides his face.
The murderer pleads for grace.

You delight to make things just.
The wicked man will rot like rust.
Abhor this wickedness!
Give us righteousness!

My Lord, your grace is so complete,
You let me come before your seat.
You’ve made me straight and clean,
My enemies have seen.

Psalm 4: Joy

The world is full of wicked men
Who lie, dishonor, cheat, and steal.
Pray answer me, my God, again!
Hear, and heed my cry to heal!

These men give lawless sacrifice
They will not – can not – trust in You.
They will not heed the piteous cries,
They doubt in God, and good, and truth

Yet though this world is full of wrong,
I will merry tunes employ.
I will dance and sing sweet songs,
For God has filled my heart with joy.

And though the wicked harvest well,
Their joy is naught compared with mine.
I sleep in peace, and safely dwell,
For, Lord, thy blood has made me Thine.