Psalm 6: Penitence

Rebuke me not in your anger, Lord,
Tell Justice to put up his sword.
Ignore what I have done and said,
Remove this guilt from off my head.
Not only save me, Lord, but heal,
That I not sin again nor feel,
This wrath again, this sense of sin,
This burden in my bones has been.

How long? How long? How long, my Lord?
This world’s so wrong, so wrong, and scarred.
Return, O Lord – my coming light,
With steadfast love, come save my life!
If I would die can I praise Thee?
In Sheol will there worship be?
I cry and weep, Lord do you hear?
My bed’s eroded with my tears.
My eyes and strength may waste away,
My foes surround me all the day.

Depart from me! The sun is here!
The dawn has come, so bright and clear.
Depart! Depart! You evil men!
The Lord has heard my cry ascend.
Vicimus! Night has fled from here,
The Lord receives and hears my prayer.


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