Psalm 7: Judgement

My shield, my sword, my bulwark high,
Save me from my foes!
To you, my Lord I’ll surely fly,
For refuge from my woe.
Lest they tear my flesh apart,
Like lions, take me prey.
Rending up my bones and heart,
With none to make them stay.

Have I wronged them Lord, my God?
Is there evil in me?
If I have harmed him without cause,
Or done iniquity,
Then leave me to this evil man,
Let him take my life,
Before him then I will not stand,
Let him end this strife.

Arise in righteous anger, Lord,
Release your glorious fury.
Deliver me! Unsheathe your sword.
Bring your judge and jury.
Call out the senate of the earth,
And over them preside.
With your lips give justice birth,
Judge me. I’ll not hide.

Before the nations judge me, Lord,
By my righteousness.
Judge the nations. save me Lord,
By my innocence.
I have put my shield on Christ,
Defend me, save me, judge me right.


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