Psalm 29: A Love Song

All you heavens, hear,
And give my Lord his glory.
My Lord, my Love is strong,
My Christ, my King is holy.
Worship the Lord with splendor,
With the splendor of holiness, sing!
Give Him the glory due,
To our Jehovah King.

His voice goes o’er the sea,
And sounds like rolling thunder.
Like hurricanes it comes,
And brings the heavenly wonders.
And at his words the ceders break –
Sequoya, redwood banyans – all.
The mountains too must flea like calves,
The cliffs and crags and hillocks fall.

The power of my Lord, my Love!
Could any make it higher?
His voice descends like flames of stars,
His tongue can kindle fire.
His domain includes the wilds,
The wilderness where life is rare.
His words give life and birth and child,
And also strips the forest bare.

“Glory!” I will cry!
“My savior cannot die!”
His throne sits on the flood forever,
He gives us strength in our endeavor.
Your throne, my Love, will never cease,
And you will give your people peace.


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