Psalm 7: Impending Justice

God is the righteous Judge of all,
And daily is His rage,
When evil men pervert his law,
And war against him wage.
The wicked kill the saints of God,
They murder rape and blame.
They steal, and lie, pray to the dead,
And burn children with flames.

If they will not repent and turn,
But in injustice go,
The Lord shall surely whet His sword,
And bend His battle-bow.
He makes ingenious tools of death,
And instruments of war,
He cuts Himself great shafts of fire,
He will defend His shore.

The wicked man gives birth to sin,
Conceiving troubles great,
His mind devices crocked lies,
His passions will not wait.
The wicked man has dug a pit,
But he has fallen in.
His violence falls upon his head,
Thus, he will pay for sin.

My righteous God and Judge I praise,
I praise Him till I die.
I will sing unto His name,
Sing to God most high!


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