Psalm 8: God’s Way of Thinking

The Singer: Creator-king, majestic name,

Daily I will praise the same.
For You have set your glory high,
And made man’s wisdom naught but lies.

Man: The baby is a waist and drain,

It can’t survive excessive strain.
It empties pleasures from your wallet,
Abort it. Kill it. Don’t install it.

God: Out of an infant’s mouth proceeds,

A mighty weapon, strong and keen.
I have established strength for those,
And they will still the angry foes.
The baby-blessing is a gift,
They charm the heart – there’s none too stiff.
For with their lips they utter praise,
My kingdom from their kind I raise.

Evilman: The man’s the highest form of life,

And he has caused unending strife.
The world was caused by happenstance,
A jumbled mess of stupid chance.

Righteousman: I see the stars which you have planned,

The moon you hold within your hand.
But you remember lowly man.
You care, and make me all I am.
You crowned this dust with heavenly grace,
Just bellow your own high place.
You gave the earth to him as king,
Dominion over everything:
The sheep, the wolf, the bears, and kye,
The beasts of sea, and birds of sky.

The Singer: These thoughts, O Lord, your mind gave birth.

Your name is mighty o’er the earth.


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