Psalm 9: Victory

I will give thanks with all my heart.
I will tell all you’ve done.
I will exult and praise your name.
Upon the death of the son.
Your wondrous deeds deployed,
Have made me dance with joy.

The enemy has turned and fled,
They stumble, fall, and die,
For none can stand before your wrath,
Before your face, Most High.

For you performed my trial just,
While you sat on the throne.
You upheld my case for me,
I praise your name alone.

Your rebuked the nations strong,
And killed the wicked clever.
They perished when you did blot out
Their name forever and ever.

The enemy has come to an end,
Ruined eternally.
Their cities you have rooted out,
So there’s no memory.

But none forget what God will do,
He will reign forever.
He will judge and justice give,
No matter what the weather.

The Lord’s a fortress for the weak,
A bulwark for the shaken,
The ones who know your name will seek,
And they are not forsaken.

In Zion He has set His throne,
Tell all men what he has done!
Your wondrous deeds deployed,
have made me dance with joy.

My blood-avenger comes from high,
He listens to the humbles’ cry.


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