Psalm 9: The Lord Was Here

In the bush of Africa,
Or trenches deep and drear,
One warrior yet has gone before,
Behold, the Lord was here!

Jehovah see my misery?
I know I’m not alone.
Rise me from the gates of death,
Come and take me home.
So that I can sing your praise,
Recount it in your gate,
Zion’s children I will tell,
My Savior-God is great!

The nations sunk into their pit,
Caught in their own web,
The Lord is known and justly does,
Evil to Evil’s head.
The wicked set a snare, but God
Will make it spring on him.
The wicked men to Sheol go,
Forgetting God in sin.

But needy ones are not forgotten,
God will hear their prayer.
The poor shall not forever fear,
God gives hope to bear.
Arise, O Lord, judge mortal men,
Do not let him win,
Let nations know that they have sinned,
Rebellion on him pin.

Show them that the Lord is here,
Fill man’s heart with righteous fear,
Lay them low and humble them,
Show them they are naught but men


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