Psalm 10: The Wicked Man

Am I this evil man?
Lord, show me if I am!
He persecutes the poor in pride,
He boasts, hes weakness tries to hide,
He gives the greedy benediction,
And of the Lord a recantation.
He will not seek the Lord most kind,
He bars him out from his hard mind.
His way tortuous goes,
He sneers at all his foes.
God’s judgments he can’t comprehend,
They stand passed where his vision ends.
“I won’t be moved or evil see,
I will not see adversity.
Forever I will prosper well,
And my posterity will swell.”
His mouth oppresses, curses, cheats,
His troubled tongue with sin complete.
He sits in ambush where he will,
He springs, the innocent to kill.
His eyes are fixed on weaker men,
He waits like lions in their den.
He lies in wait to catch the poor.
He spreads a net across the floor.
His victim crumbles, sinks, and falls.
In his heart this villain calls:
“God has forgotten, and wont see,
He surely hides his face from me.”
Arise O Lord, and break his arm!
Seek out the wicked, stop his harm!
If he resides in me,
Then give me grace to see.


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