Psalm 10: Break His Arm

Let not the evil man prevail,
Avenge your dying saints!
They kill us, mock us, hunt us down,
We long for rest, we faint.

Why stand you in the distance, Lord?
Why hide in times of pain?
These wicked seem to own this earth,
They only seek their gain.

Listen to his heart, O Lord,
He says you can not see.
“God has forgotten and is blind,
He turns his eyes from me.”

Arise, O Lord, lift up your hand,
Save your humble sheep.
Why does this man despise the Lord?
Does he not know you seek?

You saw this crooked world, O Lord,
The trouble and the grief.
Seek out the wicked, break his arm,
Make his sinning brief.

The Helpless gives himself to you,
The orphan takes your hand.
The Lord is king, the nations fail,
And perish from His land.

Lord you have heard the humbles’ wish,
You will prepare his heart.
You will cause your ear to hear,
And listen for your part.

For the orphan and oppressed,
Deal justice out, O Lord.
So that the wicked man is stilled,
That he oppress no more.


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