Psalm 14: Yahweh Is

“There is no god,” the fool doth say,
“So yet corruption hold its sway!”
They have made their deeds to stink
None of them on goodness think.

God looks down on all mankind,
One who seeks the Lord to find,
Is there one who understood?
Is there one who yet does good?

Every one has turned away,
Altogether tainted gray.
There’s none who can do good at all,
Not even one, for all do fall.

Do not the wicked workers know
(Those who eat my men like dough)
And do not call upon the Lord?
Will not call upon the Lord?

They are terrified and fear,
In my home the Lord is here!
They shame the faith of humble man,
He hides in God – his barbican.

From Zion let salvation be,
When God turns back captivity.
Let Jacob praise, rejoice in this,
Make Israel happy: Yahweh Is.


Psalm 12: Words of Silver, Words of Wind

My Lord, pray bring us help,
The godly men are gone,
The faithful men are not
In Adam’s race here strong.

With vanity they speak,
Each one to his friend,
They flattery with the lip,
With double hearts pretend.

The Lord will bring an end,
To lips of flattery,
And He will stop the mouth,
Which speaks thus boastfully.

They have said, “Our tongue,
Our language is our sword.
Our words will be with us.
Who will be our lord?”

“For the helpless poor,”
Says God, “for the deprived,
I will rise, and grant
Their needs for which they strive.”

The words of God our pure,
(not like unrighteous leaven,)
Like silver well refined,
By multiple of seven.

And He takes care of us,
Protects us from the fiend,
And he will fortify
Who on Him humbly lean.

The wicked number great,
And prowl on every side.
Their sins they do exalt,
Their guilt they cannot hide.

The Lord for us contends.
The wicked suck in wind!

Psalm 11: My Fortress is the Lord

The forests, gulfs, and mountain crags,
And desolate sea-shore,
Can hide the rabbit, bear, and stag,
My fortress is the Lord.
Pray, how, my soul, can you thus say,
“To the mountains go,
Flea like a bird from dawning day,
The wicked bend the bow.”

“They string their weapon – keen and stark,
And notch their gory dart,
To the string so in the dark,
To pierce you through the heart.
If the foundations are to fall,
what can the righteous do?
Your fortress will not help at all,
The walls will crack askew.”

The Lord is in His holy hill,
His throne is set on high.
He sees all that has passed and will,
All is before his eye.
The Lord will test and try his people,
As in a crucible,
But His soul hates the man of evil,
Those with violence full.

God on the wicked rains down snares,
Fire, scorching wind,
So with dread he stops and stares,
This from his cup within.
The Lord is righteous. He is good,
Full of love and grace.
And those saints washed in His blood,
They shall see his face.