Psalm 16: Five Gifts

I will sincerely bless the Lord,
Who has counsel given,
And in the night has wisdom lent,
And with my conscience striven.

I will always face the Lord,
And keep Him in my eye,
From His hand I will not fall,
With peace of heart and mind.

Because of this my heart will laugh,
My gory filled with joy,
And thus my flesh will settle down,
And confidence employ.

For you will not abandon me,
Nor send my soul to Sheol.
I won’t be destined to decay,
For you have wished me weel.

You will shoe me paths of life,
Pleasure in you presence,
At your right-hand are endless joys,
Where there’s no hindrance.


Psalm 16: Inheritance

Protect me, Lord my God,
For refuge I proceed,
“You are my Master,” says my soul,
Your goodness none exceeds.

Concerning, then, your saints,
The holy-ones of earth,
They are magnificent and pure,
For them, delight is birthed.

Those who chased after Baal,
Their sorrows will be great.
Never will I pour out blood,
Their very names I hate.

I will inherit You,
And You maintain my land,
The lines have fallen pleasantly,
An heir with good at hand.

Psalm 15: Who Can Be Your Guest?

Who in your tent can be a guest?
Who in your holy place can rest?
Either he must earn his place,
Or be adopted by his grace.
What must we do to earn our board?
We must be perfect as our Lord:
One without blame, one who does right,
And speaks the truth both day and night.
Who does not slander with his tongue,
No evil to his friends has done.
The reprobate he will despise,
And honors him who to God flies.
When he swears, he’ll keep his word,
He will not change, despite the hurt.
He gives no interest when he lends,
And takes no bribes, nor justice bends.
Who does all this earns resurrection,
He won’t be move, he’s reached perfection.
Who can lie with You, my God?
Our works are but a frail facade.
We surely can not earn your favor,
Lord, adopt us, be our savior.