Psalm 18: For What Purpose Was I Saved?

My God you have delivered me,
Yet for what purpose was I saved?
– I surely don’t deserve your grace,
I should slave,
Into the grave –
For what purpose, tell?
Listen, listen well.

Against the striving of my kin,
You made me head to reign supreme.
Even the tribes from lands unknown,
Will tribute bring,
To me as king –
Then for what purpose saved?
To rule o’er what You gave.

I will exalt the Lord who saved.
Life is Christ – so I will praise,
Since God destroyed and fought my foes,
To God of days,
I write my lays –
So for what purpose then?
To sing His praise to men.

For years He has delivered me,
And showed me mercy just,
To me and mine forever more,
O Lord of us,
In You I trust –
Then for what purpose, say?
To know where I must stay.


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