Psalm 24: Open

(To the tune Going Home)

Be raised up ancient doors,
And open wide, you gates!
Elders and sentinels,
The King of Glory waits.

Who is He? He who comes?
Who bids unbar our door?
God most high, Great and strong,
The Mighty Man of War.

Who ascends to God’s hill?
But Christ, whom none can kill.

Come, stand up, ancient doors,
Come open! Come salute!
Elders old, soldiers young,
Come hear your Lover’s suite.

Who is He? He who calls?
Who bids unbar our door?
Jesus Christ, Glorious King,
Our Bridegroom, Priest and Lord.

Hear His call, wait on Him,
And let your Savior in!


Psalm 24: Creation, Salvation

Can any tell, or else proclaim?
Or name the making of the earth?
Was any there when light first flamed?
When moon and world from water birthed?
This I declare, and thus make bare.

The Lord Jehovah made the world,
He cast the crystal starlight vale.
Foundations sprung up at His word,
He traced the rivers’ turning trail.
His thoughts ignite, He owns by right.

Then who can live within His hill?
But one who does as He commands.
The one who never thought amiss,
Or did no evil with his hands.
Are we condemned? We, born in sin?

I tell you then who Israel is,
The blessed and chosen of the Lord:
The man who God gives righteousness,
And blessed salvation from His store.
His face they seek: repentance meek.

So He who made the universe,
And owns, as the creator, all,
Creates a way to give us grace,
Salvation from an odious fall.
So do not spurn, what can’t be earned.

Psalm 23: My Perfect Host

With tender care You set a feast,
Each dish exquisite, choicely laid,
With vivid symmetry set out,
No French chief rivals what You made.

This food so succulent and rich,
You serve me as my foes look on.
They can not touch me nor can eat,
From of this vibrant bounty drawn.

The richest oil You pour out,
O’er all my head You drizzle wealth.
The perfume of the fattest oil,
And herbal mix to aid my health.

My cup You fill with choicest wine,
It tastes of life that You have bought,
Your blessings fill me to the brim,
Though I can offer You but naught.

You met me with a holy kiss,
And You – my host – did wash my feet.
You feed me You: Eternal Bread,
At this, our holy wedding feast.

Your grace and goodness escort me,
And I can not exhaust Your stores.
So when this marriage is complete,
I’ll live with You forever more.