I Peter 1:13-16: Holy

Now start becoming holy,
Is this a simple thing?
Then tell me what is holy?
Explain, what does it mean?

Is it defined by people?
Be better than the rest?
Or else be strange eccentric,
With outward deeds obsessed?

But holy is relation,
As children of the Lord.
So all His words obeying,
With eyes on His reward.

And do not be conforming,
Yourselves to worldly sins,
From former lusts repenting,
And from your ignorance.

So then what is the standard,
That tells what holy is?
Is it not God almighty?
All holiness is His!

So let it fill your being,
Define and nurture you.
In all your life be holy,
In every deed you do.

For surely it is written,
“Be holy as I AM,”
But I can not be holy!
For I am just a man!

How can we then be holy?
Ourselves we can not mend.
But God’s almighty power,
Sustains you to this end.

The Spirit who is holy,
Who dwells in you to aid,
Our hope is in Him wholly,
So we are holy made!


I Peter 1:9-12: Salvation Paradox

This end of which I speak:
Salvation of the soul,
The climax, end, and peak,
By faith it is made whole.
This Grace that came to you,
The prophets did predict,
The fathers too perused,
Inquired, searched, for this,
This: when the Christ would come?
What manner would He rule?
Then God, or David’s son?
A wise man or a fool?
A king or beggar scorned?
A teacher or a leech?
To throne or manger born?
A prophet or a priest?
A shepherd or a knight?
A rod, or else, a sword?
A sacrifice or fight?
A rabbi or the Lord?
The spirit testified,
In them, before the fact,
Of suffering glorified,
Just how the Christ would act.
But this all lead to you,
Who see this come to pass,
To us the privileged few,
Did Christ appear at least.
This mystery so thick,
Elijah could not find,
Nor Moses could predict,
When Christ would come to die.
Yet all of us now know!
This glorious mystery,
That prophets could not know,
And angels longed to see!
This holy gift we own,
Don’t take for granted then!
Inscribe in on a stone!
Declare it unto men!
Salvation came from God,
The Quintessential Word.
With both the sword and rod,
The beggar who was Lord.
The sacrifice that won,
And winning as He died,
To call us each His son,
The victor – crucified.
This paradox so dense,
The wisest could not see,
How Christs our sins would cleanse,
Revealed to fools like me!

I Peter 1:6-9: Pain That Leads to Joy

The pot of clay must first be burned,
To harden it for use.
The ore with gold must pass through flame,
To burn the dross refuse.

A fruitful tree must first be pruned,
A rose bush must be trimmed,
The grape is squashed to make sweet wine,
Thus suffering will cleanse.

Now, therefore, leap for joy and sing,
For we will suffer, too!
With trials, certain, needful though,
To burn the dross from you.

You’ll see injustice and divorce,
And church-splits no one mends.
Be slighted, tempted, fall, condemned,
And know the death of friends.

Your faith, by this, will be refined,
Through fire, flood, and gale,
This leads to praise and glorious life,
When Christ will be unveiled.

Yet Jesus Christ you have not seen,
But trusting what you heard,
In faith you listened and took heed,
To us who preached God’s Word.

So our hearts swell and burst with joy,
Sublime! Ineffable!
These sorrows lead us to our goal:
Salvation of our souls!