I Peter 2:7-10: Stone Solid

Therefore you, believing,
Precious Christ receiving.
Recalcitrant who don’t repent,
Wickedly deceiving,
They this Stone rejected,
Prophets had predicted,
Made alone, the Cornerstone,
Guiding all prospective.

Wicked surely stumble,
Though this Stone is humble,
They offended, undefended,
Destined then to crumble.
You are men selected,
Royal priest inspected,
Holy kindred, Christ-defended,
People He elected.

So extol His virtue,
He – the one who saved you.
In public streets, where strangers meet,
This marvelous light proclaim you.
Outcast, was our placing,
People-hood now gaining.
God was gracious, we, once hopeless,
Mercy now obtaining.


I Peter 2:1-6: Coming to God

Because of this cast off,
Your malice and deceit,
Hypocrisy, and cruel envy,
And never evil speak.

But as a new born drink,
The milk of Scripture graced,
And thereby grow, indeed you know,
How God’s salvation tastes.

And also come to Him –
This living stone – draw near.
We sinful men rejected Him,
But God chose Him as dear.

And you as living stone,
Are built into His home,
In priestly guise give sacrifice,
And hope in Christ alone.

“Behold in Zion laid,
“This Cornerstone I claim.
“Whom He receives, in Him believes,
“Will not be put to shame!”

I Peter 1:22-25: Love

Now all of you in the Spirit are pure,
Truth from the Lord you obey.
Faithful the Blood of Salvation endures,
Love as a family holds sway.

Born once again from a seed that is sure,
Not like the grass which will fade.
Righteous and mighty the Word of the Lord,
Ransom for all of you paid.

Commonly saved,
Brothers in grace,
Love one another as such.
How can you hate,
One whom Christ saved?
He died, would you do as much?

Love with an un-hypocritical heart,
Honest and faithful and true.
Love is sincere, not a flatterer’s art,
Filling our praise and rebuke.

Love with a passion, a fervency seen,
Fearless and never ashamed.
Love with a heart that is selfless and clean,
Mirroring God’s love each day.