I Peter 1:17-21: Gaining Holiness

Let us turn now to see how to flee and fight sin,
For this holiness must needs be pure.
When we’re tempted we feel that we never can win,
On our own we’d be damned, ay, for sure!

So now style your life in the fear of the Lord,
For His judgment will surely appear.
And His covenant-grace as the scriptures record,
Makes obedience from healthy fear.

And remember that God paid your ransom in full,
Saving you from tradition’s vain flood.
Not with perishing things like some silver or gold,
But the Spotless Lamb Jesus’s blood!

So then trust in the Lord and with hope through his son,
Knowing all will occur as ordained.
And this war that we wage has already been won,
Resurrected, Christ victory gained!


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