I Peter 1:22-25: Love

Now all of you in the Spirit are pure,
Truth from the Lord you obey.
Faithful the Blood of Salvation endures,
Love as a family holds sway.

Born once again from a seed that is sure,
Not like the grass which will fade.
Righteous and mighty the Word of the Lord,
Ransom for all of you paid.

Commonly saved,
Brothers in grace,
Love one another as such.
How can you hate,
One whom Christ saved?
He died, would you do as much?

Love with an un-hypocritical heart,
Honest and faithful and true.
Love is sincere, not a flatterer’s art,
Filling our praise and rebuke.

Love with a passion, a fervency seen,
Fearless and never ashamed.
Love with a heart that is selfless and clean,
Mirroring God’s love each day.


One thought on “I Peter 1:22-25: Love

  1. When you hear that God has saved you, that he died to cleanse you from your sins, and that he gave his blood as an eternal ransom so that you could be adopted by God, how do you respond? With praise? With tears? With wonder? While all of those are perfectly valid, there is one thing we don’t usually think to do: Love each other. As Peter points out in I Peter 1:22-25, the very fact that you are saved by God should lead you to love one another.


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