I Peter 2:7-10: Stone Solid

Therefore you, believing,
Precious Christ receiving.
Recalcitrant who don’t repent,
Wickedly deceiving,
They this Stone rejected,
Prophets had predicted,
Made alone, the Cornerstone,
Guiding all prospective.

Wicked surely stumble,
Though this Stone is humble,
They offended, undefended,
Destined then to crumble.
You are men selected,
Royal priest inspected,
Holy kindred, Christ-defended,
People He elected.

So extol His virtue,
He – the one who saved you.
In public streets, where strangers meet,
This marvelous light proclaim you.
Outcast, was our placing,
People-hood now gaining.
God was gracious, we, once hopeless,
Mercy now obtaining.


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