Psalm 91: Needy

Why is this world so torn and bloody?
Are not all men with refuse muddied?
Can any find security?
Can we escape from tragedy?
No matter what your status is,
You may with worldly wealth be rich,
But ultimately you are poor:
In dire need of Christ the Lord.
Without His aid we can not live,
We terror in what night may give.
We fear both sun and moon alike.
We dread the darkness and the light.
But if you dwell under God’s wings,
And trust in Him to refuge bring,
No evil can stand in your way,
Nor plague over your crops hold sway.
His angels, too, will care for you,
And keep you from the world’s abuse.
Your foot will not be dashed or pierced,
But trample snakes and lions fierce.
For Jesus loves me, and He saves,
He rescued me, and called my name.
He honors me – repulsive me!
He grants me live eternally.
He wishes but my adoration,
For this He shows me His salvation.


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