I Peter 3:7: A Husband’s Duty

Husband, love your wife,
And dwell with understanding.
With her spend your life,
With knowledge undemanding.

Honor give your wife,
And waste no time in getting.
Getting gives you strife,
You’re honored – God permitting.

Honor! give her gifts,
Security providing,
Praise, esteem, uplift,
Take heed to her advising.

Weaker though she be,
Know she will co-inherit
Grace, eternity,
Thus your respect she merits.

Together you must pray,
Your strife is interrupting.
Uncherished she will fade,
Your selfishness corrupting.

Marriage God ordained,
So, dwell, give honor, praying.
Unity obtained,
When we will start obeying.


Luke 1:5-7: Setting – A Historic Context

The tale I tell you is not new,
But prophesied from first to last,
This history I trace is true,
Continuing from ancient past.

It started under Herod’s rule,
Augustus Caesar of the land,
This king, conniving, sly, and cruel,
An Edomite from Esau’s clan.

Now in the temple Herod built,
Their lived one Zachariah, then,
A priest who would atone for guilt,
His wife was one of Aaron’s kin.

By sacrifices could one approach,
No other way to come to God,
By blood we cover our reproach,
And this was Zachariah’s job.

He and his wife lived righteously,
Thus always walking in the law,
But she was barren, this you see,
Their only shame, their only flaw.

This is the setting God did make,
But now He acted for His sake.
And all this pain would soon be healed,
When God His only Son revealed.

Luke 1:1-4: Prologue — Reliable Account

As many have essayed to write an account,
Of Jesus’ deeds and rightly recount.
I also felt burdened to write one as well,
This orderly research I now start to tell,
Theophilus, excellent son in the Lord,
I pray that you may be refreshed by my word.
But how can you trust,
These words of Jesus?

These deeds are eye-witnessed and verified fact,
And each witnessed questions I carefully asked.
And I, one of many, who searched and compiled,
Have found in this message no error defiled.
Most trustworthy word that ever was written,
And any who reads with this truth will be smitten.
Most reliable,

Inerrant, divine, and historic – decreed.
Investigate then and now carefully read.
So I, as seemed fitting, began to research,
The life of Lord Jesus to death and from birth.
I interviewed those who then once with Him lived,
This book I deliberate, consecutive give.
With certainty know,
That this happened so.

On the truth of this word you may wager your life.
So then listen I start now the History of Christ.