Creation: Genesis 1

Now only God was at the start,
Before the world was made.
But all the earth was void and dark,
His Spirit o’er it stayed.

Then God did speak – Eternal Word,
Ignite, you, crystal ray!
“Let there be light to fill the earth,”
Now break you dawning day!

And next the water rushed apart,
The sea to ocean bed,
And water over also starts,
Thus earth and heaven wed.

Then from the sea God brought forth land,
The dirt and granite firm.
The plants He sprouted with His hand,
The vegetable ad herb.

But now to astral regions turn!
The stars He stretches out.
Then sun ascends, begins to burn,
The moon too casts beams out.

And then the whales and fish He brings,
The monsters of the deep.
Release the fluttering birds of wing,
All whirling, skirling, fleet.

The creeping things of earth He brought,
The Cattle, beasts of land.
Then God Himself their ruler wrought,
The culmination – man.

To man He then gave strict command,
“Dominion you must gain,
And till the earth with work of hand,
And multiply your strain.”

And all of this God saw was good,
The earth did His behest.
The seventh, final day as should,
God finally took His rest.

Creation was by God defused,
He first – creative – thought,
The artist, genius, filled with muse,
But imitates his God.

And is not this dominion too,
Subduing even thought?
Imagination draws anew,
As God made man from aught.

So if we will God imitate,
In these beginning deeds,
We must subdue, we must create,
And rest – for God did these.

2 thoughts on “Creation: Genesis 1

    1. Sure, I assume this must be Papa who is asking the question, since I don’t recall asking it of myself while I was longed into my account… Anyway, what that line is getting at is that God, the creator of the creative, defused His creativity throughout the earth by give us — His creation — the ability to think creatively. Hence “The artist, genius filled with muse/But imitates his God.” i.e., when we use the creativity that God gave us, we are imitating Him who first created creativity.


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