I Peter 3:8-9: Six Goals

This life we are hectically living,
Passes in chaos to mend.
How can we shape what we’ve been given?
Fixing your eyes on this end.

First brethren, be you like-minded,
Fixing your eyes on above.
Your thoughts then to Christ’s thoughts be binded,
Living with others in love.

In Christ-likeness be sympathetic,
Grieving effects of our sin.
With all those in pain empathetic,
Helping through thick and through thin.

As brothers be loving each other,
Noticing those who have need:
The convict, the poor, and the stranger.
Self-sacrifice be your lead.

Show everyone grace and compassion,
Tender of heart and of spleen.
Following after Christ’s fashion,
Pardon offense when it’s seen.

In all of your thoughts then be humble,
Lubricant agent of life.
For pride makes relationships crumble,
Friction resulting in strife.

And never pay evil with evil,
Blessings instead you must give.
Forgiving with grace every libel,
God has thus called us to live.

For all of these goals we are striving,
Imitate God in your life!
Through business, pain, and conniving,
Pointing the broken to Christ.


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