Deacons: The Official Servant

While we may wish to rule,
Are we not servants all?
Preferring royalty,
To serving we were called.

Yet some the servants serve,
A deacon he is named.
In Heaven’s government,
The servant rules with fame.

What is a deacon then?
A helper of the church,
As wives their husbands help,
In every lull and lurch.

As Jesus helped the Lord,
The Archdeacon of life,
Diaconal, our work,
Is imitating Christ.

The Livites of the church,
Apprentice of the seers,
Each serving in his time,
The role of deacons here.

But what is ordination?
It is no magic spell,
To make a super man,
Or evil thoughts expel.

But solemn covenant,
For everyone to see.
A giving to a man,

They serve, then, many roles,
As cleaners, carers, friends.
Exemplary in life,
An embassy to men.

A deacon must discern,
Be proven over time.
No greedy, lustful, cheat.
Nor given much to wine.

The ordination then,
His character must test.
If deacon he will be,
He must be of the best.

Then is he reverent?
Not double-tongued, or crude?
And does he hold the faith,
The scripture as his food?

Does his family submit?
Well ordered in his life?
Does he wholly commit,
Eyes only for his wife?

Does he live blamelessly,
With everyone outside?
Then he is fit to serve,
The catholic church: Christ’s Bride.

One thought on “Deacons: The Official Servant

  1. When it comes to church leadership, most of us immediately think about the pastors, and the elders. But there is one group of church leaders that seem to go under the radar, unnoticed, and under appreciated: namely the Deacon. The deacon, though, is an incredibly indispensable office in the church. The church can not run smoothly without them.
    They are the Official Servants of the church, and serve the same role in the church as: Jesus served in the Godhead, the wife serves in a marriage, the Livites served in the old testament, and Joshua served to Moses: the helper. Diaconal ministry is one of the most blatant ways to imitate Christ, since Christ is the servant leader, and the deacon is also a servant leader. Historically, deacons have also played a major role in the church: after all the first martyr, Stephen, was also one of the first deacons.
    Check out my poem below to see more about the importance, and definition of a deacon!


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