1 Peter 3:9-12: Blessing

What reason should we live as brothers?
Like-minded in unity,
With ruth, mercy, love for each other,
Pardoning sin that we see?

Because God has called you His offspring,
Personal God that He is.
That you may inherit His blessing,
Showing the world you are His.

But secondly, God has commanded,
“Speak you no lies or deceit.”
So therefore forgiving what man did,
Always with grace when you speak.

And do not do evil, be righteous,
Keeping wide margin from sin.
Do not live up next to your fences,
Looking to God and not men.

And also seek peace and pursue it,
Keeping no conflict with Christ.
But not peace as men misconstrue it,
Active, for peace you must fight.

For God will reward those who seek Him,
Intimacy He will give.
His eye is directed to see them,
Blessing and grace they will live.


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