I Peter 3:13-17: Suffering

The evil day will come,
The dawn of persecution.
So how will you endure,
That dreaded institution?

You first must follow good,
The Christ be imitating.
For who would trouble you,
And stop the good you’re making?

And do not heed their threats,
Nor fear what they are fearing.
Through suffering, you’re blessed,
For Christ to you is nearing.

And set apart the Christ,
Within your hearts as holy.
Your God and sovereign Lord.
Acknowledging Him solely.

Be ready to defend,
To everyone the reason,
For always having hope,
Even in adverse seasons.

And keep you conscience good,
According to God’s standard.
And always do what’s right,
Ashaming any slander.

Remember you are blessed!
When people persecute you.
As long as you’re in Christ
His joy will constitute you!


One thought on “I Peter 3:13-17: Suffering

  1. So today I was again blown away at just how incredibly practical Peter’s epistle is. Today, we looked at I Peter 3:13-17, where the Apostle Peter details how to deal with persecution. True to Peter’s down-to-earth, practical personality, Peter gives us six down-to-earth, practical applications: 1. Imitate what is good, 2. Do not be afraid, 3. Sanctify Christ in your hearts, 4. Be ready to give a defense for the hope that is in you, 5. Keep a good conscience, and 6. Remember that you are blessed.


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