I Peter 3:18-22: Salvation

Salvation extends like a landscape,
With mountains, and fountains, and plains,
Through history, trekking, God’s hand shapes,
This scenery, this worldview, I claim.

Salvation was seen full in Jesus,
Golgotha, His death on the cross.
His sacrifice, once, now has saved us,
His coming to life raised the lost.

Salvation was seen in the old days,
While Noah, the ark making fast,
The Spirit of God preached through his ways,
Thus saving eight souls from God’s wrath.

Salvation is seen through the washing,
Baptism – not cleansing the skin,
Renewal is there for the asking,
The Spirit will cleanse us of sin.

Salvation is final in heaven,
The risen Christ ruling enthroned.
Like Noah through fire we’ll have Him,
Now pure we are His – His alone!

Salvation then has but this meaning:
That we are all owned by One Man.
And no one malevolence seeking,
Can takes us from out of His hand!


One thought on “I Peter 3:18-22: Salvation

  1. So in the last section of I Peter, Peter mentions that we should always be ready to give a defense for the hope we have in our salvation. Now, he transitions to give us four brief pictures that illustrate our salvation, 1. Jesus’ death on the Cross, 2. The flood of Noah’s day, 3. Our baptism, and 4. Heaven. The way he lays out these events almost feels like he’s highlighting specific points on a map, and in a way he is — the map of our own salvation!


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