I Peter 4:1-6: Armament

Since Christ then has suffered in flesh,
Start arming yourselves for the fight.
With Christ’s attitude as your sword,
A weapon, omnipotent might!
For those who are dead can not sin,
And Christ suffered once in our stead.
We mystically bonded with Christ,
Judicially counted lusts dead.

And we’ve spent enough time in sin,
Immoral, in drunkenness, lust,
In orgies, idolatries great,
We’ve lived now too long in disgust.
So now is the time to escape,
To Christ turn to Him you align.
Though through this estranging the world,
Who hatefully curse and malign.

But all men will give an account,
To Him who will judge quick and dead.
Those dead in their sins good news reached,
That they might embrace God instead.
Prepare for your spiritual war,
And cast off your sins on the cross.
Ignoring the slander of man,
Preach gospel to all who are lost.