I Peter 4:7-11: Apocalypse Survival

The end of all things then is nearing,
What should we do about that?
Should we fight or hide, then would we survive?
Is there yet a way we should act?

Be wise and sound-minded in prayer,
Reasonable and awake.
Not carried away, irrational haze,
Thus daily our prayer in faith.

To new heights of love then be stretching,
Love covers myriad sins.
Exhorting in Christ your brothers to life,
Be fervent, with passion defend.

And too, hospitality seeking,
Brothers and strangers alike,
Don’t grumble for price, you did it for Christ,
Or possibly angels disguised.

And always be serving each other,
Managing God’s gifts of grace.
So speak as for Christ, serve as He supplies,
To glorify God as first place.