I Peter 4:12-19: Splendid Suffering

When persecution’s fires burn,
Then do not be surprised.
For suffering is good for you,
Instead it should be prized.

Rejoice and sing and jump for joy,
Partaking in Christ’s pain.
So when His splendor is unveiled,
Exceeding joy we gain.

Beloved, know that you are blessed,
When men reproaches raise,
For this in them is blasphemy,
But you to God bring praise.

Let none of you suffer for sin,
No murder, theft or snoop.
And keep each other blameless, too,
Let no one guilt impute.

Unless you suffer for your faith,
Then do not be ashamed,
But praise the Lord for this dread test,
For God will hold no blame.

For judgment starts within the church,
That we are purified,
Then everyone will feel God’s wrath,
Who are not of His bride.

If righteous men are scarcely saved,
How will ungodly stand?
Align yourself, therefore, to Christ,
His will is your command.

And so within your Savior rest,
Though torture claim your life,
For God is faithful to create,
Redeem, rebuild, revive.


One thought on “I Peter 4:12-19: Splendid Suffering

  1. So, how do you respond when you get hurt? What about when someone wrecks your car? How would you react if someone chops off your right hand or shoots your whole family in front of you? Well how SHOULD you react? According to 1 Peter 4:12-19 you should jump up and down with joy! Reread that last line. When Christians experience suffering, the correct response is not to get mad, shake your fist at the sky, or even pull yourself back together, instead he should rejoice that he was found worthy to suffer for Christ. On a side note, Peter also mentions in the passage that God’s judgment will begin with the Church, and then he will judge the outside. So when you notice all you Christian friends going through hard times, don’t be fooled. God always purifies His church before he brings judgment. Instead of getting upset at your persecutors for their injustice, pity them and preach the gospel to them, knowing that they are going to get it a lot worse in the coming judgment!


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