I Peter 5:1-5: Shepherds Under Christ

Now fellow elders listen,
My exhortation heed,
For I witnessed Christ’s death,
And glory that He leads.
You elders as you guide the church,
And council give, and wisdom search,

You, elders, feed the flock!
As pastors, pasture well.
This foremost of commands,
All heresy dispels.
Yet do not lead compulsively,
Spurn lucre, and serve eagerly.

And do not rule by fear,
Political intrigue,
Yet humbly through your life,
And by example lead.
So when our Savior Christ comes down,
Then we will all receive His crown.

And younger men submit,
To elders, without pride.
Humility your clothes,
The Spirit then will guide.
Since “Proud men God will waste with war;
For humble He holds grace in store.”


One thought on “I Peter 5:1-5: Shepherds Under Christ

  1. Today is, of course, All Saint’s Day, when we commemorate the lives (and heroic deaths) of Christs saints. Because of this, I thought it pretty appropriate that we studied I Peter 5:1-5 this morning. This passage is directed towards elders, and church leaders, instructing them on how to lead the church. After all, this is what the saints of the past did, they guided the church through hard times, teaching God’s words to those who needed it, corrected the church when she strayed from God’s word, and humbly reformed her, often sealing their testimony for Christ in their blood.

    Their office of heroism has now devolved to us. We must now be willing to stand for Christ’s church in our generation, and boldly point the world back to His word, even when they persecute us.

    Another interesting side note on this passage, is Peter’s main command in the passage: “Feed the flock.” Why was Peter so concerned about this that he made it his foremost command to elders across the centuries? That’s because it was Jesus’s foremost command to Peter. Soon before Jesus ascended into heaven he told Peter three times “Feed my sheep.” No doubt this command inspired Peter for the rest of his life, and now he passes it on to us.


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