I Peter 5:12-13:True Grace

Now all this said and read,
The Gospel that I have declared,
Is the true grace in place,
In mercy we are standing there.
If standing in His grace,
How is that illustrated?
Here are three men of faith,
Who preached grace incarnated.

Silas followed Paul,
Who preached in Asia and in Greece.
In jails by grace assailed,
Through demonized, and mobs, and beasts.
And taking Peter’s letter,
While Paul was chained in Rome,
Despising death and fetter,
To preach, he left his home.

And she in Babylon,
Has also seen this grace described.
To Persia I have gone,
Confirming all those in Christ’s Bride.
For I would tend the seeds,
That other men have sown.
Feeding all the sheep,
Together grace has grown.

My son Mark too, greets you,
Who prayed for me when I was chained,
A writer, fighter, friend,
His school in Egypt now maintains.
So will you heed the call?
Like others holding no reserve.
Giving Christ your all,
In thanks, for grace is undeserved.