I Peter 5:14: Lovely Talk

An eggshell in a hurricane,
A chick within a forest fire,
A cohort in a hostile land,
A skiff without a friendly pier.

The church can not afford to spurn,
Ignoring those within its fold,
And default to the worldly talk,
Like diamonds left in ice and cold.

Yet we must dwell with unity,
And love, accepting painful bliss.
How do you talk to brothers then,
To unify and show them this?

Let your Salvation be your theme,
Authority as God has called,
Of glory found in suffering,
Affirming holy, righteous all.

Great brethren with a kiss of love,
In holiness and unity,
Remember God embraced us all,
We all will share eternity.

And bless each other, too, with peace,
For others pray and intercede,
And spur each other on towards Christ,
The Church, through God and love succeeds.

2 thoughts on “I Peter 5:14: Lovely Talk

  1. So, we’ve looked at all of I Peter except for the last verse: I Peter 5:14. Here, Peter gives us two things to consider when talking with fellow Christians. Throughout the whole book, Peter has already given us numerous examples of how a Christian should talk. Our conversations should be centered around love for on an other, the salvation God has given us, how we can find glory in suffering, and through all of this, we should encourage each other to holy and righteous living. On top of all of this, Peter gives us a command, his last command. The very importance of this command is underlined by the fact that Peter saved it for last. This all important command is: “great one another with a kiss of love.” *awkward pause* It’s in the Bible y’all, look it up.


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