Isaiah 40: Comfort

Give comfort here to keep,
Your warfare is complete,
The martial foes are leveled low,
All darkness Christ defeats.

Give comfort – clearly said,
Your putrid sins have fled,
Forever past your saving lasts,
For dying now is dead.

Give comfort, joy and kind,
This double portion – mine!
I bless my King, salvation sing,
For Him I only pine.

Let voices vent in fens,
In deserts raise the hymn:
“Prepare a way; your paths make straight,
Jehovah comes to men!”

His glory is revealed,
As infant-voicing peeled,
All flesh shall see eternity,
The Word of God congealed.

Prepare to see His face,
Who put the world in place,
Move mountains great, vast valleys raise,
All leveled in His grace.

The Word became a man.
The Word forever stands.
With voices keen: the Word is seen.
Himself dared sin He damns!


Luke 2:14: A Great News of Great Joy

A message, greatest ever said,
Archangelic – all fearing fled,
A savior dying in our stead,
The glory-scattered sky.

A mighty host of splendor seen,
And shepherds shaking at this scene,
Emmanuel – Eternal King,
Descended from on high.

So glory to the Lord of lords,
Who taught our tongues and wielded words,
And wrought the wonders of the world,
Let honor to him hie!

The Christ would cause the Perfect Peace,
His kingdom ever shall increase,
To reconcile Lord with least,
His purpose was to die.

Oh! Message of Good will to men!
Christ’s death destroying chains of sin,
A life-line lovingly extends,
Leads to eternal life.

This message of His birth is such,
The labor at historic crux,
The Lord – in loving us so much,
Was born our sacrifice.


The Bread of Life born in the House of Bread,
And heaven’s hero in the house of war.
The Word of God no mortal man has said,
Though one day old, He Is – Eternal Lord.
I beat my breast, your splendor seen.
“If you are willing, make me clean.”

And looking at my low and lurid state,
Perfection I pursue in my own might.
Impossible! My efforts ever break,
My hideous me disclosed in dreadful fright.
This horrid hell! I cry, I keen,
“If you are willing, make me clean!”

O glorious grace my God has given free!
The lordly loving babe was born to save.
Messiah is my mirror, me to see,
Accepting me – the new me that he gave.
And washed in watered, gory, bleed.
“Lord, You, The Maker, made me clean!”

O Christ, consume my guilt in Calvary’s cross,
Hie hate to hell! – the babe, forgiveness, born.
The Lord-with-us accepting every loss,
All-Justice judged – for me forgiveness formed.
The Babe who died, yet conquered King,
Said, “I am willing, son, be clean!”