Luke 2:14: A Great News of Great Joy

A message, greatest ever said,
Archangelic – all fearing fled,
A savior dying in our stead,
The glory-scattered sky.

A mighty host of splendor seen,
And shepherds shaking at this scene,
Emmanuel – Eternal King,
Descended from on high.

So glory to the Lord of lords,
Who taught our tongues and wielded words,
And wrought the wonders of the world,
Let honor to him hie!

The Christ would cause the Perfect Peace,
His kingdom ever shall increase,
To reconcile Lord with least,
His purpose was to die.

Oh! Message of Good will to men!
Christ’s death destroying chains of sin,
A life-line lovingly extends,
Leads to eternal life.

This message of His birth is such,
The labor at historic crux,
The Lord – in loving us so much,
Was born our sacrifice.


One thought on “Luke 2:14: A Great News of Great Joy

  1. Merry Christmas everyone! This poem is based of the poem I heard this week at Emmanuel OPC in Castle Rock, CO. I think that this encapsulates the message of Christmas: Glory to God! Peace is on earth! By Jesus’ sacrifice he would bring reconciliation between God and man, and that is the greatest goodwill we could ever ask for. Jesus became a man so that he could die, and pay the punishment for our sin. This is great news of great joy — the greatest news of the greatest joy!


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