Isaiah 40: Comfort

Give comfort here to keep,
Your warfare is complete,
The martial foes are leveled low,
All darkness Christ defeats.

Give comfort – clearly said,
Your putrid sins have fled,
Forever past your saving lasts,
For dying now is dead.

Give comfort, joy and kind,
This double portion – mine!
I bless my King, salvation sing,
For Him I only pine.

Let voices vent in fens,
In deserts raise the hymn:
“Prepare a way; your paths make straight,
Jehovah comes to men!”

His glory is revealed,
As infant-voicing peeled,
All flesh shall see eternity,
The Word of God congealed.

Prepare to see His face,
Who put the world in place,
Move mountains great, vast valleys raise,
All leveled in His grace.

The Word became a man.
The Word forever stands.
With voices keen: the Word is seen.
Himself dared sin He damns!


One thought on “Isaiah 40: Comfort

  1. Today we looked at the first half of Isaiah 40. It’s hard for me to think of this passage of scripture without thinking of Handel’s magnificent tenor solos “Comfort ye,” and “Every Valley.” These are amazing prophecies about Christ — the coming Messiah. They are also great reminders to us in the Christmas season. This is the time of comfort and joy — but where do we find our comfort and joy? Isaiah gives us three reasons: first, our warfare is complete, second, our sins are forgiven, and third, because we are God’s people. Ultimately, Christ is the reason for your comfort, and our joy, and our ver existence. So let us proclaim Him to the World! Hodie Christus natus est!


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