Psalm 25: Who You Are

My southern cross,
My northern star,
Lord, You my guide and captain are,
Through gain or loss,
Through weal or woe,
I will surrender You my soul.

In You I trust,
You will not fail,
When foe-men fear I will not pale.
For all unjust,
Will share their shame:
The treacherous, two-tongued, and vain.

Show me Your ways,
Reveal Your paths!
That I may follow first and last.
Let me not stray,
But travel true,
That all my deeds would point to You.

Mercy and truth,
Remember, please!
For You encompass all of these.
My sinful youth,
Forget and cleanse,
For Your name’s sake blot out my sins.

For God is right,
With good arrayed,
And sinners He will teach His ways.
He humble guides,
With justice fills,
On them He will reveal His will.

So for Your name,
For who You are,
My savior – sacrificed and scarred,
Lord, take my shame,
Remove my sin,
And make me pure and whole again.


3 thoughts on “Psalm 25: Who You Are

  1. Every day I have to ask God to forgive me for something. Every day I sin, I have to come to God saying, ‘Lord, I know I just asked you to forgive me for this sin, yesterday, but I just did it again, will you please forgive me, again?’
    Do you ever wonder if God gets tired of that? Sometimes I think he should say, ‘Sorry Amos, this was one time too many, you’re on your own now.’
    Thank God that’s now how He responds! Why? Because it is part of God’s nature to forgive — that is who He is! We can approached God with confidence that He will cleanse and sanctify us, because that is what He does.
    But here’s the warning — God does not just forgive us, He changes us. If you just want a fluffy-duffy god who will love you like you are, and automatically forgive you without any punishment, that is not the God of the Bible. God does love you just as you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay like that. When He forgives you, He may still discipline you, because He is training you to become more like Him. It is part of God’s nature not just to forgive, but to purify! This truth gives me great hope; God will conquer my sinful nature, and one day I will be able to stand in His presence without shame, as His pure and spotless bride.


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