Psalm 25: Redeemer

Pray, who is the man who fears God and stands,
God will direct all his ways.
His soul spends the night with goodness in right,
Ancestor of rulers of states.
And God will befriend all those who fear Him,
Show them His covenant grace!

My eyes look to Him, when trapped in my sin,
Yahweh delivers my feet.
Pray deal graciously and look well on me,
Lonely, depressed with defeat.
My heart steams with stress, anxiety-pressed,
Save me! Redeem, I entreat!

Lord, look at my state: iniquity great,
God all my sins has consumed.
Lord, look at my foes, their number – who knows?
Violent their hatred has fumed.
Lord, please guide my soul, no shame to control,
I have my refuge in you.

Your integrity will well protect me,
Waiting till you set me free.
Your covenant grace forever I praise,
Promised to children unseen.
When troubles distress, apostates oppress,
God will His children redeem.

One thought on “Psalm 25: Redeemer

  1. The second half of Psalm 25 focuses on God role as our redeemer. David explains how God not only redeemed his sins, but also redeemed him from his enemies. David makes a very interesting argument. He says that God shouldn’t let David be put to shame because David trusted in the Lord. Is that ok of David to command God to keep him from shame? The answer is yes, because David is asking God to acted in line with who He is — our redeemer. David isn’t saying, ‘don’t put me to shame, because I’m a really cool guy,’ instead he is saying, ‘God I trusted in you completely. I have no back-up plan. If you don’t come through, and show the world who You are, I’m going to look like a fool, but more importantly, you will look like a fool. So for Your name’s sake, redeem me.’ This isn’t about David being put to shame, this is about God’s honor — and God will always come through and redeem His people, because that is who He is! David knows that God will redeem him, and that his why is can so confidently trust in Him!


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