Leviticus 3: The Peace Offering

This world of holocaust and war,
Tumult, hate, and dying.
Is there yet hope of peace in store,
World and flesh denying?
Let chaos cease, for God’s my peace.

For I – the problem with this world,
Man in damned rebellion –
Must bring my scape-goat from herd,
Substitute for hell-sins.
A perfect beast to die for peace.

The priest would kill him, drain his blood,
On the altar pour it.
The offal burnt before our God,
Fat – the best – the Lord gets.
On him we feast who bought our peace.

So Christ fulfills this sacrifice,
Drained for our redemption.
His blood, His flesh, a feast of life,
Communing benediction.
My life bequeathed in thanks for peace.


Diverse Baptism

“Lord, give them unity,
As You and I are one.
That they, like Us, in love conceiving,
The Father, Spirit, Son.”

Lord, give us unity,
And ground us in Your word.
Demanding more is self-deceiving,
Like Pharisees inferred.

Lord, give us unity,
Should details so divide?
If dunked or sprinkled when believing,
Are we not still His bride?

Lord, give us unity,
Can we bar men of faith,
If they baptism then receiving,
When they were still but babes?

Lord, give us unity,
Should this then rend the church?
Does this not cause the Savior grieving,
When we our brothers curse?

Lord, give us unity,
Your word must be our guide.
Though we different conclusions reaching,
Diverse, our strength resides.

Leviticus 2:8-16: The First-Fruits Offering

God accepts no sin in heaven,
Do not offer Him your leaven.
Trust in Him no doubting question,
Offerings to please the King.

Offerings with salt were given,
Pointing to the contract written,
Our relationship – love-driven,
With our Lord, which He restored.

Thankful for your harvest growing,
With your labor your thanks showing,
First of earnings given, glowing,
All was His, in love He gives.