Leviticus 2:1-7: The Grain Offering

To give a gift in obligation,
Will not make sure relationship.
No legalistic desecration,
In showing love by giving gifts.

The offering of grain containing,
These: frankincense, and grain, and oil,
Memorial of praise displaying,
And brought to God in sweat and toil.

For God His people still remembers,
And gives them bread born from the land,
Both Holy Spirit – oil tender,
And Bread of Life to save the damned.

And we remember God in prayer,
Like frankincense the incense burn.
Diverse from other nations layered,
And every tribe His praise will learn.

Then trip your memory with giving,
Returning that which God gave you.
To help His workers make a living,
A holy gift – your pride eschew.

And God gave us imagination,
So give with creativity.
For He has raised from every nation,
Both fried and baked diversity.


One thought on “Leviticus 2:1-7: The Grain Offering

  1. In conjunction with the burnt offering that we looked at last week, the Israelites would regularly give grain offerings to the Lord. So what was so special about grain offerings? The grain offering served as both an expression of love to the Lord for accepting us (as represented in the burnt offering) but it also served as a reminded to the people to praise the Lord, and Leviticus even says that it all serves as a reminder to God. On a more practical level, the grain offerings were also give to the priests for food, so they kept the priests from starving to death. Here’s a few interesting notes on the grain offering:

    The grain offering consisted of three things, grain, oil, and frankincense. In the Bible, grain, or bread, is used to refer to the gifts God gives us, specifically the gift of His son, the Bread of Heaven. Oil is used to represent the Holy Spirit which God anoints us with. Frankincense however is used to represent prayer — what we give back to God. The picture here is that God gives us bread, salvation, and sanctification, and we respond by giving Him all the glory and praising Him for what He has done through us.

    The grain offering was aloud to be prepared in several different ways, baked, crispy, pan-fried, and deep-fried — why did God allow such a range of cooking for His grain offerings? Why didn’t he just say “low-fat cooking only, please.” I think this illustrates God’s desire that we express our praise in a creative way. There are many different legitimate ways to praise the Lord. You don’t have to be concerned about trying to imitate everyone else in your praise. Engage your imagination! Don’t “lose yourself” in worship, worship God, and find out who you truly are in Him! Be your Spirit-redeemed self.


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