Leviticus 2:8-16: The First-Fruits Offering

God accepts no sin in heaven,
Do not offer Him your leaven.
Trust in Him no doubting question,
Offerings to please the King.

Offerings with salt were given,
Pointing to the contract written,
Our relationship – love-driven,
With our Lord, which He restored.

Thankful for your harvest growing,
With your labor your thanks showing,
First of earnings given, glowing,
All was His, in love He gives.

2 thoughts on “Leviticus 2:8-16: The First-Fruits Offering

  1. Today we get to look at the first-fruits sub-category of the grain offerings. This passage has some very interesting aspects to it. Just as a review, the grain offerings were meant to be an expression of love and gratitude to God — an analogy of our labor being given to God. So, in this passage we see that God commands we give no leaven or honey in our grain offerings. From the rest of the Bible we can see that leaven represents sin, so it makes since that God would say not to bring leaven in your offering, but why does God say not to bring honey? Well, there comes a point when we just have to take God’s commands at face value. We must be willing to obey Him and love Him, even if we can’t understand the ‘why of the thing.’

    Obviously, since the sacrificial system has been fulfilled, we don’t have to worry whether or not we’re putting honey in our offerings, but this same concept applies throughout the rest of scripture. When you read a command like ‘love one another,’ ‘great one another with a holy kiss,’ or ‘don’t eat food sacrificed to idols,’ how do you respond? Is you initial response asking ‘why?’ or, is your initial response, ‘OK, Lord, I don’t understand why you said this, but I’m going to submit to what you said.’ Let us all strive to serve God without doubting questions. We claim that Christ is our Lord — so let’s live like it!

    Click the link bellow to see my versification of the passage!


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