Diverse Baptism

“Lord, give them unity,
As You and I are one.
That they, like Us, in love conceiving,
The Father, Spirit, Son.”

Lord, give us unity,
And ground us in Your word.
Demanding more is self-deceiving,
Like Pharisees inferred.

Lord, give us unity,
Should details so divide?
If dunked or sprinkled when believing,
Are we not still His bride?

Lord, give us unity,
Can we bar men of faith,
If they baptism then receiving,
When they were still but babes?

Lord, give us unity,
Should this then rend the church?
Does this not cause the Savior grieving,
When we our brothers curse?

Lord, give us unity,
Your word must be our guide.
Though we different conclusions reaching,
Diverse, our strength resides.

One thought on “Diverse Baptism

  1. One of Jesus’ most sincere wishes for His followers — the church — is that they would be one as He and His Father are one. Jesus prays for our unity. But how do we achieve this unity?
    Does this mean that we all except the exact same list of beliefs and excommunicate anyone who disagrees with the least of them? Does this mean that we select one leader whose word we put on the level of God’s Word? Does this mean that we adopt one confession of faith and excommunicate anyone who disagrees with it? Which beliefs do we adopt, and how do we know that they are true. No matter what we do, we will always disagree on doctrine, so should we just ignore doctrine? But isn’t that a doctrinal statement in and of its self? We can’t both be right, so how can we achieve unity?
    I submit that the only way to create unity is to embrace diversity. Remember, we can’t both be right, but we can both be wrong. The only way we can reach true unity is by embracing the Word of God without apology, and without compromise. This means, that some of us will reach different conclusions when reading the scriptures, but that’s alright. We need to be able to grant our brothers the grace to come to different conclusions from the scriptures, and embrace them in love — while at the same time holding up the Word of God to exhort to faith those who have contradicted it.
    Let God’s Word bring us the unity He prays for, even as His Word — Jesus Christ — brought us our salvation.


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