Partakers in His Resurrection (Based on Colossians 3:1-4)

If you are now raised up with Christ from the grave,
Selected, elected, by grace and through faith,
Baptized by the Spirit, thus blood-washed and saved,
Partakers in His resurrection.

Start looking to heaven – on things of above,
Where God reigns eternal in triunal love.
The home-land our fathers rebelled from for lusts,
Corrupted in twisted obsessions.

Your eyes set on heaven, not burdens of earth,
Creation still writhing in sin’s sordid birth.
Through food, money, sex, and your rest do God’s work,
Corruption is not your concession.

For you are now dead, and your life is in Christ,
Your hidden with God – the Almighty on high,
So sin has no power to rule in your life,
It is but a hollow impression.

With Christ in his glory – with Him – we revealed,
Eternal, ethereal, all horror repealed,
This heaven, our hearts are now blood-bought love-sealed,
Praise Jesus! Let all men confess Him!


Leviticus 4: The Guilt Offering

As rebels we are guilty all,
And ignorance is no excuse,
But God has let His mercy fall,
To cover, clean, all our refuse.

As rebels we are all unclean,
Like lepers, outcast to despair,
Through blood our sanctity is seen,
Adopted as our judge’s heir.

So let us study well His Word,
To see His Law, and know our guilt,
To sin avoid, with good concur,
But you must know how good is built.

So listen to the Spirit’s voice,
And at His promptings quick repent.
Your brother’s, too, will show your vice,
The Word of God your measurement.

Confess your sin before the Lord,
Excusing, hiding, will bring grief.
And seek forgiveness – grace restored,
For Jesus Christ is now High Priest.

And know your sin has been removed,
For Christ for us was called unclean.
Outside the camp He died for love,
His blood He sprinkled, “You are clean.”

When guilt then shows its ugly head,
Declaring all the filth you’ve done,
Refuse to tremble, death is dead!
You are forgiven by God’s Son.

Leviticus 3:17: Blood and Fat

Your life is not your own,
Don’t live on bread alone,
Life not sustained by blood or flesh,
Nor by your works atoned.

Then see this owner’s manual,
With statutes called continual,
Prohibits eating blood and fat,
Is this then still immoral?

Was this not abrogated,
These temple statutes stated?
Yet we are priests and temples now,
A people consecrated.

Uncleanness was repealed,
Yet blood was holy sealed,
To drink it seems imprudent then,
All to the Lord we yield.

Abstention will not save,
Salvation bought by grace,
Our life redeemed by Christ’s own blood,
His blood alone we crave.