Leviticus 3:17 Perpetual Law

The Law of God is good and right,
Perpetual and binding,
Though some may give us guilt and fright,
Their relevance still finding,
Give to the Lord what is the Lord’s,
And do not question His commands,
For He is God and you are man.

What God has called for holy ends,
Don’t redirect in purpose,
This is rebellion to contend,
With God, the One who birthed us,
He is the king of everything,
Our Author, Maker, Potentate,
Then His commands we must obey.

We were redeemed by Jesus’ blood,
By God, who is not time-bound,
The sacrifice in forward flood,
Reveals the Spirit’s grace found,
Our heart and mind to Him incline,
As blood and fat are His by right,
We drink His blood – believe in Christ.


One thought on “Leviticus 3:17 Perpetual Law

  1. In the end of Leviticus 3, which is discussing the Peace Offering, it says that this is a “perpetual ordinance.” Now wait a moment, how can this be a perpetual ordinance, if Jesus fulfilled the sacrificial system in His death and resurrection? Further more, this particular phrase seems to be referring to a prohibition against eating blood and fat, so does this mean that it’s a sin to eat blood or fat, even though Jesus specifically declared all food clean? How do we reconcile this? Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait till next week to get a clear answer, but here’s some thoughts for this week: God is the King of the universe, so ultimately, if He says something, then we can’t argue with it. God is God. If He makes a law we must obey it. Just because you think some of His rules are quirky does not mean you can just ignore them. Remember, God said these things, so these laws deserve our respect and contemplation, whether or not they literally apply in our society. Also, remember that these sacrifices were symbols of the redemption Jesus ultimately bought for us — however, God is outside of time! God used this system in time to demonstrate His redemption outside of time.


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