Leviticus 3:17: Blood and Fat

Your life is not your own,
Don’t live on bread alone,
Life not sustained by blood or flesh,
Nor by your works atoned.

Then see this owner’s manual,
With statutes called continual,
Prohibits eating blood and fat,
Is this then still immoral?

Was this not abrogated,
These temple statutes stated?
Yet we are priests and temples now,
A people consecrated.

Uncleanness was repealed,
Yet blood was holy sealed,
To drink it seems imprudent then,
All to the Lord we yield.

Abstention will not save,
Salvation bought by grace,
Our life redeemed by Christ’s own blood,
His blood alone we crave.


One thought on “Leviticus 3:17: Blood and Fat

  1. So Leviticus 3 prohibits the eating of blood and the fatty portions of entrails. Does that mean that it is immoral for Christians to drink blood today? Aren’t we under grace, and not law? Weren’t the cleanliness laws abrogated by Jesus is Matthew, and then again in Acts?
    Yes, the cleanliness laws were abrogated, but blood is prohibited because it is HOLY, not because it is unclean. Further more, God told Noah not to drink blood, and the Apostles also affirmed this rule against drinking blood to the gentiles converts in the early church. So this statue is certainly more broadly applied than simply within the Levitical temple code. Does that mean it is immoral to drink blood?
    It appears to me that this command still does apply to Christians today. It is certainly healthier not to drink blood, at any rate, and this may very well be the reason that God made this rule. Now, we have to keep in mind that our salvation does not depend on us following this rule, or any rule like this. Our salvation depends on the grace of God alone. Still, He has called the blood holy, so it is most prudent of us to leave it alone.


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