Partakers in His Resurrection (Based on Colossians 3:1-4)

If you are now raised up with Christ from the grave,
Selected, elected, by grace and through faith,
Baptized by the Spirit, thus blood-washed and saved,
Partakers in His resurrection.

Start looking to heaven – on things of above,
Where God reigns eternal in triunal love.
The home-land our fathers rebelled from for lusts,
Corrupted in twisted obsessions.

Your eyes set on heaven, not burdens of earth,
Creation still writhing in sin’s sordid birth.
Through food, money, sex, and your rest do God’s work,
Corruption is not your concession.

For you are now dead, and your life is in Christ,
Your hidden with God – the Almighty on high,
So sin has no power to rule in your life,
It is but a hollow impression.

With Christ in his glory – with Him – we revealed,
Eternal, ethereal, all horror repealed,
This heaven, our hearts are now blood-bought love-sealed,
Praise Jesus! Let all men confess Him!

One thought on “Partakers in His Resurrection (Based on Colossians 3:1-4)

  1. He is risen!
    Jesus resurrection is such an amazing fact that influences so many different aspects of theology that it would be impossible to address them all in one poem. Colossians 3:1-4 highlights one amazing promise based off of the resurrection: we are raised with Christ! Since Christ has ascended to heaven, and our life is hidden in Christ, we must focus ourselves on heaven.
    That doesn’t mean that we have to spurn all physical things, it means that we have to use all physical things for God’s glory, and not our own satisfaction. Food, money, sex, rest, children, sports, coffee… all of these things are gifts from God, but we easily turn them into idols, worshiping the creation (God’s gifts) over the creator (the giver Himself).
    Of course, on our own, we do not have the strength to resist this urge to sin — all of us are rebels, just like our father Adam. We traded the original perfect creation for the twisted obsessions of sin. But that’s where the resurrection comes in.
    Since we are raised with Christ, we are dead to sin. God has killed the sin nature within us. He has given us His power, so that we can choose Him and reject sin.
    But it gets better than that: since Jesus was raised, and now reigns on high, we know that one day we will rule with Him. On the day when His glory is revealed, we will be revealed with Him!


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