Leviticus 4:22-35: Sin

O dread and phantom foe,
O sin, you enemy,
I bear you only hate,
Yet you reside in me!
This guilt shows I am damned,
And hell before me yawns,
The Law condemns to death,
My innocence is gone.
Infraction great or small,
Or felony the same,
Death is the sentence named,
Rebellion ends in shame.
My country-men in whole,
As murderers bear guilt,
The blood of those unborn,
By millions has been spilt.
And we the church have sinned,
Constricting unity,
Forgetting brothers bound,
In pointless vanities.
And I, a leader, led,
My followers astray,
My guilt in mill-stone’s weight.
Lord, can this be assuaged?
Will blood of bulls redress,
Rebellion against God?
Repeated sacrifice,
And ever spilling blood?
Yet better blood was shed,
The holiest of all,
For God Himself has died,
And let forgiveness fall.
The guilt that we confess,
His blood has washed away.
Let sin then shrink in dread,
Defeated and dismayed!

3 thoughts on “Leviticus 4:22-35: Sin

  1. The world really upsets me sometimes. Billions of babies are slaughtered every year. Political leaders lie, cheat and steal. Selfish businessmen wreck the earth and people’s health for the sake of money. Those that call themselves Christians act just like the rest of the world, ignoring what is really important, while they pay more attention to silly vanities of the twenty-first century, and then they cut off other brothers and sisters in Christ over peripheral doctrinal issues. But I can’t be too hard on the rest of the world, as I know I’m just as guilty as anyone — I lust, I hate, I am selfish and proud.
    There is one problem with this world. Sin. We are reeling under the broken state of a sinful world. Mankind is in a state of rebellion against God. We’ve decided that we can run the world better than God, but guess what, we can’t.
    The good news is that God has already fixed this problem. As you read through the last section of Leviticus 4, we can see how Jesus’s death purchased us forgiveness for our sins. He died to save us. I don’t have to get bent out of shape about all the problems in the world. I should still do my best to fix social ills, but I can rest assured that Christ work on the cross was the perfect solution for the brokenness of sin.
    I can be certain, that when I come before God to confess my sins, that He will forgive them. And we as a church, and a nation can rest assured, that when we come before God to confess our corporate sins, He will forgive them.


  2. I appreciate this poem because it flows. To me, it works like a psalm in that it evokes emotions that I would rather ignore and then it leads me to surrender them to my Lord, ultimately leaving me to trust in the One who holds all things together. I would like to hear it read aloud as a prayer.


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