Leviticus 6:8-23: Priestly Duties

There is no temple anymore,
There is no altar sacrifice,
The priests unneeded, unrestored,
For this was all fulfilled in Christ.

Yet there is relevance to us,
Our body, temple of our God,
Ourselves the priesthood of Jesus,
And He the altar of His blood.

Then we the altar-tenders keep,
In holiness the Name of Peace.
Our robes through Christ of sins are bleached,
To do our duties as His priests.

The fire – symbol of the Lord –
As faithful virgins must keep lit.
So stay alert and preach His word,
The Spirit’s fire do not quench.

For God makes holy with His touch,
And at His presence filth has fled.
So we, made holy priests, as such,
Through all the world His light must spread.


3 thoughts on “Leviticus 6:8-23: Priestly Duties

  1. It’s easy to see the end of Leviticus 6 (and all of Leviticus 7 for that matter) as completely irrelevant to us today. After all, these chapters cover instructions to the priests in the Mosaic tabernacle. We don’t have a temple any more, or an alter, or a priesthood; what relevance is there to us in these instructions?

    Peter tells us that WE as Christians are a ‘holy priesthood.’ So these instructions to old testament priests are really OUR job descriptions. How, then, do we clean the alter, or keep the fires burning, or oversee the holy things? We must honor Jesus (our alter), we must stay alert, and we must preach the Gospel.


  2. I really like this poem. The rhymes and the phrasing kind of tickle my mind and capture the sermon message in a gentle but compelling way.


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